实验室新闻 News Update

  1. Yixin's paper is accepted for publication in Applied Thermal Engineering, congratulations! (Nov, 2018)

  2. Prof Yue attended the annual conference of heat and mass transfer of China (Oct 2018)

  3. Jianshu, Yanru, Hao and Yixin attended the International Heat Transfer Conference in Beijing (Aug. 2018)

  4. Hao's paper about fluorescence spectroscopy-based transient thermal characterization of polymers has been published in Applied Thermal Engineering, congratulations!(May, 2018)

  5. Jianshu's paper about microscale characterization of rare gas thermal transport between solid surface and air molecules was accepted for publication in Applied Physics Express. Yanru's paper about temperature effect on the surface enhanced Raman as published in Materials Research Express. Congratulations to both of them! (April, 2018)

  6. 岳亚楠老师参加第三届美国热流工程师学会年会,并作报告。Prof Yue attended the 3rd ?Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC 2018). (March 2018)

  7. 岳亚楠老师参加第一届热科学及工程测量技术研讨会,并作报告。Prof Yue attended the 1st International Symposium on Measurement Technology in Thermal Science and Engineering (MTTSE-2017) (Nov. 2017)

  8. 陈文赴韩国参加第一届亚洲热科学会议,并作报告。Wen attended the 1st Asian Conference on Thermal Science held in Korea. (April 2017)

  9. 高建树赴日本参加第六届国际微纳技术会议,并作报告。Jianshu attended the 2017 (6th)ISMNT Conference held in Japan. (April 2017)

  10. 岳亚楠老师参加第二届传热及多相流青年学者论坛,并作报告。Prof Yue attended the Second Forum of Young Scholar in Heat Transfer and Multi-phase Flow. (March 2017)

  11. 实验室文章“Thermal transport across graphene and single layer hexagonal boron nitride”被评为Journal of Applied Physics2016年度阅读量最大的文章。 The paper "Thermal transport across graphene and single layer hexagonal boron nitride" is one of the most read article in Journal of Applied Physics in 2016.

  12. 岳亚楠老师受邀担任英国物理学会杂志Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics顾问团成员。Prof Yue is appointed as an Advisory Panel Member for Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.

  13. 实验室近期在国际传热传质杂志(International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer)发表关于低维材料界面传热的综述文章,文章标题为“Energy Coupling across Low-dimensional Contact Interfaces at the Atomic Scale”,该文章总结了当前国际关于低维材料界面传热实验测量及模拟研究的最新成果,并针对实验研究方面的难点和困境提出了一些思路。

  14. 岳亚楠老师获英国物理学会2016年度杰出通讯评审人奖"Outstanding Reviewer Award"。Prof Yue received 2016 IOP "Outstanding Reviewer Award".

  15. 实验室成员陈文、吴昊参加中国工程热物理年会传热传质分会并作展板报告,岳亚楠副教授当选为传热传质分会青年工作委员会第一届委员。(2016年10月)Wen and Hao attended the annual conference of Chinese Society of Heat and Mass Transfer. Professor Yue was selected as a member of Young Scholars Committee of China Society of Heat and Mass Transfer.

  16. 实验室文章获评湖北省自然科学优秀学术论文特等奖(湖北省机械工程学会)。(2016年8月)Our article was selected among the most excellent papers by Asscociation of Mechanical Engineering of Hubei Prov.

  17. 美国北卡州立大学机械工程系助理教授Jun Liu博士来访,并作了关于聚合物热传导前沿研究的学术报告(2016年5月)。Prof Jun Liu from ME department of NCSU visited us and gave a talk about the thermal transport of polymers. (May 2016).

  18. APL文章被Advances in Engineering网站报道(链接,2016年3月)。Our APL paper is reported and featured on the web of "Advances in Engineering" in the section of Mechanical Engineering (link, March. 2016).

  19. 博士研究生李昌铮在Carbon杂志上发表论文“Thermal Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Fiber by Time-Domain Differential Raman”(论文链接),祝贺!Changzhang published an article entitled "Thermal Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Fiber by Time-Domain Differential Raman" in journal of Carbon (link), congratulations!

  20. 在美国应用物理杂志(Journal of Applied Physics, 2015)上发表的关于石墨烯和单层氮化硼界面热传导的论文被杂志副主编Pawel Keblinkski教授挑选为"在热传导和热导率领域有较大影响力的文章" (链接)(2016年2月)。Our JAP paper published in 2015 about thermal transport across graphene and boron nitride is selected by associate editor Prof. Pawel Keblinkski among a selection of "significant recent articles on thermal transport and conductivity" (Link). (Feb. 2016)
  21. 岳亚楠老师参加2015年美国机械工程师学会年会(休斯顿)并作口头报告(2015年11月)。Prof Yue attended the 2015 IMECE conference held in Houston, TX, and presented the recent work about thermal manipulation of CNT fiber by mechanical stretching. Nov. 2015

  22. 岳亚楠老师参加2015年中国工程热物理年会传热传质分会并作口头报告(2015年10月)。Prof Yue attended 2015 Annual Conference of China Thermophysical Society, and presented the recent work about Raman based thermal characterization of graphene interface material. Oct. 2015

  23. 实验室近期在PCCP杂志上发表了一篇关于硅烯界面传热的文章。该文章利用分子动力学模拟瞬态方法首次报道了硅烯这种新型二维材料与不同界面之间的传热机理,文章发现随着温度和界面作用力的提高,界面热阻会降低;同时文章发现非晶态基底对界面热传导有促进作用。该文章被PCCP杂志选为封面文章(2015年9月)。The research paper about interface thermal transport between silicene and substrate is published in PCCP, and is featured as the back cover article. Sep. 2015

  24. 实验室获批2015年国家自然科学基金面上项目(2015年8月)。MNTC Lab is awarded the General grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Aug. 2015).

  25. 博士研究生李满在Applied Physics Letters上发表论文(链接)2015。Graduate student: Man Li published a paper in Applied Physics Letters in entitled "Parallel Measurement of Conductive and Convective Thermal Transport of Micro/Nanowires Based on Raman Mapping" (Link).June 2015

  26. 美国爱荷华州立大学胡晖教授来访,并作题为:Development of Advance Flow Diagnostic Techniques to Study Complex Thermal Fluids Phenomena 的学术报告(2014年12月)。Prof. Hui Hu from Iowa State University visited our lab and gave a talk (Dec.2014).

  27. 实验室研究生李满荣获2014年度国家奖学金(链接),祝贺!(2014年10月);Graduate Student Man Li is awarded the National Fellowship for his acdemic performance, congratulations! (Oct.2014)

  28. 石墨烯量子点荧光效应文章被英国物理学会Nanotechweb网站报道(链接)。(2014年10月); The Nanotechnology paper is reported as the lab-talk news on Nanotechweb, IOP. (Link) as well as on the web of the journal: Nanotechnology. (Link) (Oct.2014)

  29. 华中科技大学杨诺教授来访,并与实验室成员进行学术交流(2014年9月)。Prof. Nuo Yang from HUST visited our lab and discussed with faculty and students (Sep.2014).

  30. 实验室获批2014年度国家自然科学基金-海外及港澳学者合作研究基金(2014年8月)。MNTC Lab is awarded the National Natural Science Foundation of China: The Overseas, Hong Kong & Macao Scholars Collaborated Researching Fund. Yanan Yue is grateful for the great help of Prof. Xinwei Wang from Iowa State University on the collaboration of this fund application.(Aug.2014)

  31. 美国爱荷华州立大学王信伟教授来访,并作题为:Electron transport in sub-10 nm domain down to 10 K 的学术报告(2014年7月)。Prof. Xinwei Wang from Iowa State University visited our lab and gave a talk (July 2014).

  32. 实验室研究生李满获一等奖学金,李昌铮获三等奖学金(链接),祝贺!(2014年6月);Graduate Student Man Li and Chang zheng Li are awarded the first-level and third-level scholarship respectively. Congratulations! (June 2014).

  33. 美国普渡大学阮修林教授来访,并作题为:Engineering Thermal Conductive and Radiative Properties in the Nanoscale: A Multiscale Multiphysics Simulation Approach 的学术报告(2014年6月)。Prof. Xiulin Ruan from Purdue University visited our lab and gave a talk (June 2014) .

  34. 实验室获批教育部留学人员回国基金项目(2013年4月);MNTC Lab is awarded a grant from the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars,State Education Ministry (April 2014).

  35. 实验室获批2012年国家自然科学基金青年基金(2012年8月); MNTC Lab is awarded a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Scholar Program (Aug. 2012).